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Getting Started

To get started with CloudFS, sign up for a free prototype account here. Once registered, follow the three simple steps below so that you can begin development.
  1. Log in to your account

    CloudFS provides a single location to set up test end users and manage information regarding your account plan, application API server and client IDs. It also allows you to view reports on API calls, storage, and bandwidth tied to your customers. Log in.
  2. Create a test end user

    After logging in to your account, click on the ‘Add Test Users’ tab and select ‘New test account’. Then simply enter the required information and click Sign Up. We highly recommend your end-user credentials be different from your admin account credentials. Please take note of your end-user credentials for later use.
  3. Generate an access token

    While still in the ‘Add Test End User’ tab, select the Test End User you’d like to generate an access token for and input the test end-user’s password. Then click ‘Generate Token’. The access token will appear under the test end-user’s username and look similar to this:
    To generate an access token from a script, select one of the languages below:

    Ruby: Python: Clone the URL with HTTPS or SSH or copy and paste the code into an editor of your choice, then modify the following lines with the information found within your admin console:
    1. domain
    2. username
    3. password
    4. client_id
    5. client_secret
    Run the script After creating your access token, you are ready to begin coding. If you should have any questions regarding billing or your account, log in and submit a support request. For CloudFS related questions, be sure to check out our FAQs, tutorials, and API documentation.